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Jn 1:6-8, 19-28 "I am the voice of One crying out in the desert: 'make straight the way of the Lord'..."

‘Don’t kill the messenger’ = whether it’s the preacher, the singers, the Church overall, or whomever, let’s not begrudge the bearer of the message because we don’t like it.  Rather, let’s examine whether we understand the message, are ready to receive it, or are ready to act upon it.  Perhaps our disdain is a sign that we are the ones with the “problem” – maybe we are not ready to receive God’s message.  The season of Advent is all about preparation.  Let us all prepare to receive God’s message appropriately.  And if the delivery needs some work, let’s be proactively and lovingly part of the solution and not some critic murmuring on the sidelines.

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